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Thursday, July 15, 2010

y0u're s0 patHetic!!!

hm..mcm2 jenis orang yg aku jmpe lately ni..lawak sangat..

i think i have right to say this to my blog..becoz she was so annoying and i really hurt she that much?~ well, i dun have the answer..bcoz i dun really know her..!

the reason why she came to me also i dun have the answer, maybe we can ask her if she want to..please la young lady, be professional and mind our own u get it? or tak paham bahasa inggeris??

really sorry for u la..sendiri nk sakitkan hati orang, tp sendiri yg sakit hati..pls don't do that again or else u will get hurt more than this..MySpacepls watch out what are you saying to others esp to elders..i'm not sure what is your age, but from your word i really can say that u are just a small kid, talking about rubbish and never think before u talk..pls la, be matured..

i dun mind if u ask me for help with a polite way..i really dun mind at all..but u word really cerminkan your peribadi, if i'm not mistaken la..mmg perangai cenggitu ek? pity you..

okay, so, what's your point actually, i really dun get want ur money or you want me to stay away from him? jelas yg nmpak byknye pasal me and him..what's wrong with u? ko gf die ke? or penah ke mengaku jadi gf die? gotcha! hm...what kind of woman u are, need to talk about me and him again eh..nothing to do with you la..suka hati aku la nk sayang or nak BERSAMA MySpacewith sape2 yg aku nak, orang lain tak pernah nak masuk cmpur, kau nak sibuk watpe..

weh, meh sini nk habaq mai..kalau dalam game pun berlawan one by one kan..takde pun game badminton tu players tgh main, mak abah dorang datang tlg kan? so, my point is, kalau ko ade problem dengan dia, u settle up with him need to libatkan AKU, or family dia..its just about you and him..

persoalannnye sekarang, aku ade kacau hidup kau ke?
nope! i dun think so~


once u disturb my life, you must be prepared with what's will become out!MySpace

1 comment:

  1. entah... nak duit ke nak ape??? terdesak semacam je.... hahaha...


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