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Monday, February 13, 2012


Tajuk nak gwang je kan.  Lama dah tak gwang, sebab sekarang ni hidup Alhamdulillah dikelilingi oleh insan-insan yang tersayang. Maka kasih sayang pun sangatlah melimpah ruah hendaknya. Godek2 FB tadi terbaca nota yang pernah aku bagi pada someone suatu ketika dahulu. Nota yang aku tak pernah tunjukkan pada sesiapa except dia.  But today, rasanya nak share dengan kamu semua. 

To Whom It May Concern

I'm writing this today because i think i'm stronger than before.

Those days might be hard on you; it's really hard for me too.
If you think I left you because I don't love you,
You're totally wrong.
Then here are the reasons.

I left you because I don't want to be your burden.
I left you because I think you do not trust me.
I left you because I'm giving you space for yourself.
I left you because I want you to realize if you really love me.
I left you because I'm hurting.
I left you because I think you don't need me.
I left you because you ignoring me.
I left you because I know you're not ready to be with me.

So, as you know I made the decision.
By time I sent the message,
I wish that you can realize.
I wish that you can be matured.
I wish that you can stop me.
But at last, you pushed me far far away.

You know I'm hurting so much because of you.
I want to be part of your life whenever it is.
I want to share your pain, your happiness.
I want to be the one that you can turn to.
I want to be the one that you can cry to.
But you don't let me in.
And for that, sorry if I had to go.
I don't know if I have a room left for you.
I'm living my own life, pretending like nothing happened.

Then, I live my life as you can see me now.
Trying hard to let you go.
Because you don't need me anymore.
You said that you don't want me anymore.
And clearly you said that you regret knowing me.
So that, i'll go.
I'm taking back my love that I gave you.

You don't know how much I suffered.
You can't see it with your eyes, but you can feel it with your heart.
If you see me laugh a lot, that’s mean i cried a lot.
If you see me happy right now, that’s mean i am a good actress.
If you feel that you are the one that hurt so much.
Then you can feel that is how much it hurting me.
If I don't have a religion, you can see me died already.
If I don't have family, you can never see me anymore.
If I don't have friends, you can never see my smile again.
And for you to be happy,
You can blame it all on me.
You can tell your friends that I am a bad girl.
You can tell your friends that you regret all the time you had with me.
You can tell as much as you can.

If you have a girl right now,
Please love her.
Don't hurt her because you wanted to hurt me.
Be a man that a woman can live with.
Be a man who knows how to love.
Be a man with full of responsibility.

I don't know if I can see you in future,
But if we did, I hope you can smile for me as when you walk by.

From the one that truly loved you and hurt by you,
Me, myself and I

P/S : Thanx for broke me into pieces because when u did that, a thousand hikmah did happened to me. Thanx Allah for the guidance. Smile from my liver. :)

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