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Friday, May 4, 2012


Hi Yorobun!
I'm addicted to something, obviously.  Guess what? YES! I'm addicted to KPOP! And because of that, as usual, as I switched on my PC or my lappy, first thing first that I do is Googling the KPOP singer. Omo! And the worst case scenario is when I Youtubing the MV while I'm driving! Ok, that is so dangerous. Pls don't try it unless you are ready to stay in grave! Seriously! Maybe Running Man and Family Outing really influenced me.

I miss my Seoul trip as well. Miss it damn damn much. How can I earn a lot of money to go there again? As soon as possible? *SIGH*

This is what I really want to type. I am so happy with my life right now. So much happy and of course I have a lot of dream to fulfil. I have new dream that I think it will be the most exciting things in this world if I can fulfilled it. Yes. I have my new Bucket List.  Jeng Jeng Jeng.

"Before 30, I want to travel at least 10 countries/destinations"

1. Malaysia -
    Of course I want to finish my travelling in Malaysia. A lot of places I want to be there. i HEART malaysia.

2. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    My first trip out of Malaysia. Nice trip, shopping and sightseeing. From this trip, I become a travelholic.

3. Seoul, Korea
    Done, but not satisfied sbb kejap sgt, seriously, I'll go again. I miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Bangkok, Thailand
    Ticket confirmed! muehehehe..InsyaAllah by October this year. My first trip with my 'notmarriedyet'

5. Singapore
    Jiran sebelah mesti mau pigi juga kan, my plan is THIS year.

6. Indonesia
    Bandung/Jakarta/Padang/Bali. Not decide yet.

7. Mekah
    InsyaAllah, I really want to go Umrah.

8. Osaka, Jepang
    After so much googling and stalking the other blog, I found something that I think exciting. Indeed!
    It is Chawanna blog and I think I am falling in love with Osaka. Hik Hik. Next year maybe?

9. Aussie @ Australia
   Nk kumpul duit nk pergi time tulip tgh mekar around October..So, October 2013? ngeeee..

10.  London
      I wish to go there since my primary school becoz my friend, Ummu penah tinggal kat sana, and my aunt
      jugak pernah study kt sana, so I really wish that I can go there someday. InsyaAllah

So, this is my list which not confirmed yet but I really really really hope it will come true. So, my goal is to save money little by little and completed my bucket list!

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